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Moodies Road, Bargara


Nestled in the picturesque town of Bargara, QLD, Moodies Road Playground is a thrilling haven for children of all ages and energy levels. With a towering Goliath Tower that entices the adventurous and bold, and the calming Seesaw Rocker catering to gentler tastes, this playground offers something for everyone.

As children ascend the tower's lower levels, they'll discover a sleek curved slide, while the summit promises a winding tube slide journey. The playground's vibrant hues and inviting design have won the hearts of the local community, creating a beloved family destination. With shaded park benches adorning the area, Moodies Road Playground is the perfect fusion of exuberant fun and serene relaxation.


GTH-013 - Giant Treehouse System

R-0013 - See Saw



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