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Pirate Park, Palm Beach


Situated in Palm Beach, QLD, Pirate Treasure Island Playground houses a big custom-built Pirate Ship for all ages and abilities.

Sitting on a rubber and sand surface this fun-filled playground elevates the adventurer above the canopy of the significant retained shade trees with the central Crows Nest sitting over 10 meters in the air.

The younger shipmates are below deck in the hidden cargo holds playing with Noughts and Crosses, Chimes and Rope play while the Deckhands and Captain remain on deck. These more adventurous users scale the ship up any of the climbing elements located on the sides of the ship, up the Wormhole leading to the Crow's Nest, along the Rope Bridge and down the Slide.

This fun-filled play space has an adventure playground and a Cable Way, Custom Crates, Dinghy’s, Cannons, Hammocks, a Spinning Orb and many different Swings to play on.

This is a fantastic destination park designed for fun and adventure. Working closely with principal contractor Boyds Bay Group. The end result not only looks spectacular, but it is also a shipload of fun!


BPS-019 - Ships Crows Nest

BPS-020 - Ship Back and Front

BPS-024 - Ground Mount Cannon

BPS-025 - Pirate Park Feature Dinghy

CW-0010 - Single Post 20m Cable Way

FSM-0011 - Hammock

FSM-0014 - Spinning Orb

SE-0010 - Giant Chimes

SE-0014 - Speaking Ports

SW-043 - Cantilevered Swing SW-042 - Double Swing with Joey

Boat Shells

Box Crates

Custom Cannon Stands with Cannon


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