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Robert Neumann Park, Currumbin Valley


Experience the wonder of Robert Neumann Park, nestled along the tranquil streams of Currumbin Creek. Now more enthralling than ever, this verdant sanctuary invites you into its heart with the majestic WillPlay Goliath Tower, cloaked in an immersive tree theme. With its dynamic assortment of stepping pods, this striking playground architecture leads young adventurers up to the towering heights of fun and discovery.

For our smallest explorers, a delightful mini-playpark mirrors the alluring jungle theme, charming in identical shades of lush green and fitted with timber-look posts and dark timber panels that reflect the organic beauty of the surrounding landscape. A playpark filled with pint-sized thrills, ensuring even the little ones can taste the wild spirit of adventure that defines our enchanting park.

Completing this realm of play is a beautifully designed two-bay swing set, with options for every age. Whether it's gentle swinging for toddlers, a sturdy flat seat that appeals to older kids, or a large, inviting basket swing for a shared experience, it promises countless hours of joyous sky-bound excursions. Step into Robert Neumann Park, where every visit spirals into an unforgettable adventure, and every memory made is as timeless as the sun-kissed trees that witness your exploration.


Stepping Pods


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