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St Josephs Catholic Primary School, Childers


Discover the wonders of St Josephs Catholic Primary School, nestled in the heart of Childers, QLD.

Our playground is a haven for adventure and imagination for these prep students. They unleash their inner explorer on the Custom PlayPark System, where endless fun awaits. They let their creativity soar as they draw and write on the Horizontal Blackboard. Test their aim and precision on the Ball Target Panel, and conquer new heights on the Arch Climber. Embark on exciting journeys in the Play Fort and engage in friendly competition with the Ball Toss and 4 in a Row Panel. They're captivated by the beautiful sound of the Chimes Panel creating endless tunes.

At St Josephs Catholic Primary School, playtime is filled with laughter, learning, and endless possibilities.


WP-6337 - Custom PlayPark System

LT-001 - 4 in a Row Panel

LT-004 - Chimes Panel

LT-015 - Horizontal Blackboard

LT-016 - Ball Target Panel

LT-106 - Arch Climber

LT-107 - Play Fort

SPT-004 - Ball Toss



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