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Tantitha Park, Gooburrum, QLD


Nestled within the tranquillity of its surroundings, Tantitha Park boasts an inviting playground that marries the beauty of natural design with thoughtful inclusivity. Central to this enchanting space is a customised Treehouse system from the Issue #7 Catalogue, specifically adapted to cater to the youngest of adventurers.

This bespoke adaptation has seen one of the original climbing nets thoughtfully replaced with stairs, a modification designed with the 'littlies' in mind. This intentional design choice significantly enhances accessibility for younger children, allowing them to safely and easily navigate their way to the heights of the treehouse.

Composed of light timber composite panels and painted in a palette of nature-themed colours, the Treehouse blends seamlessly into its picturesque setting. Its modular system not only exemplifies flexibility and adaptability but also underscores a commitment to tailoring play experiences to meet the diverse needs of its visitors.

Further enhancing the park's allure are the 4-meter swings and the 3.2-meter track ride. These features together create a balanced play environment where children of all ages can find both joy and challenge.

The park stands as a beacon of community and childhood wonder, where every visit is an opportunity for imaginative play and shared experiences in a beautifully integrated natural setting.


TR-001 - 3.2m Track Ride


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